About us

A brief history…..

In 2010 Nick met Charlie in a pub in North London. She ran her own illustration agency called Pickled ink and he ran a film production company called Hammer & Tongs.  After two amazing years they were married and decided they'd like a joint project separate from their day jobs. The idea of Everything is Illustrated was formed.

By collaborating with some of the world's best illustrators, EII would take ordinary, often mundane-looking products and transform them into stylish items that are also genuinely useful.  But what would be different from the already popular mugs and tea towels…?

Nick's family own a well established British spectacle frame company called
Oliver Goldsmith, and it was Nick's dad who suggested illustrating micro fibre cleaning cloths.  More and more people need to keep their spectacles, sunnies and i-gadgets clean and thus far the humble cloth came in shades of grey, black or were covered in company logos.  Nick and Charlie were sold, and the company launched in January 2013 with a range of 10 micro fibre cleaning cloths, each designed by a different illustrator.  The cloths are now selling worldwide, new illustrators are joining the extensive range and Nick and Charlie are busy coming up with the next item to receive the Everything is Illustrated touch.The micro fibre illustrated cleaning cloth, individually packaged in matching tin, is £4.99. Perfect for cleaning dirt, dust and fingerprints from any lenses or screens. 
You can see the whole range at everythingisillustrated.net, and if you need to get in touch, email [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 7718 909 685.